Construction completed in March 23 and final fit out September.

Plenty of room for receiving & Despatch – Scissor Sharpening – Clipper Sharpening – Clipper Repairs & Service – Knife Sharpening.

Clipper Sharpening Bench.

Using our 15 Step Best Practice technique with the Shop Sharpening Machine from the USA we only remove 1,000th of an inch when sharpening your blades, giving you a minimum of 18 sharpens on a new blade, makes our system very economical. They will be sharper than when they left the factory.

Scissor Sharpening Bench

We use these two machines – Our Bespoke Profile Linisher achieves a perfect edge on your blades, and we use a diamond compound to polish convex edge blades. The Twice As Sharp machine buffs the profiled edges once sharpened, they will be sharper than new. We use Japanese Ceramic Whetstones to restore your internal ride lines.

Clipper Repairs & Service

We service and repair all major clipper brands. We carry a comprehensive range of spare parts to eliminate delays while waiting for your relative parts to be posted to us.

Knife Sharpening

WE imported the AMK 75 Machine from the USA. We use 5 individual belts from 180 grit to 1200 grit on low speed to create the perfect profiled edge at the correct angle on both edges. We then finish with a felt belt with rouge to finish. They will be surgically sharp when done.